BTS-162 BTS Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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BTS-162 BTS Portable Bluetooth Speaker, IPX6 Waterproof, 16W RMS 8Wx2 - Dual Core Speakers, FM, MicroSD, USB And AUX Slots Black


  • USB-A output offers extra capability for charging your mobile phones when in need
  • Premium 8W x 2 Dual driver provides hifi quality music with clear and authentic sound
  • IPX6 waterproof protects the speaker against high pressure water stream from any angle, perfect for indoor or outdoor activities
  • Built-in FM feature for quality radio stations
  • Five modes of RGB party lights bring you a truly relaxing time

For Music, Smartphone, and more
Energizer BTS-162 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with extra power for your device. Built-in microphone allows you to directly answer calls or hold conference call when using the speaker. BTS-205 transmits the sound up to 10M, and also works with Bluetooth connectivity, AUX, USB, and micro-SD card. The carrying strap makes it easy to carry on the shoulder. The Energizer Power Safe Management guarantees against short circuit, overcurrent, overcharge and over discharge for your power bank and devices.

    • EXTRA POWER: What happens when a beautiful holiday gathering and camping trips comes to halt due to low battery on your mobile phones? Stressful! Right. No more worries, our new Energizer PowerSound speakers offers you the advantage of being a power source by turning into a power bank. You can harvest power from your speaker when your mobiles are hungry for charge. Yes, it is a power bank speaker.
    • QUALITY SOUND: The crystal-clear beats and music evolving out of the speaker is just a treat to your eyes. The transmission range is such wider that even a house party can be hosted within the space of 10 metres. The premium sound quality is one of the major takeaways from the speaker.
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Multiple options is the answer while considering the compatibility standards of energizer speakers. The speaker can be connected with any devices using Bluetooth, micro-SD card slots and USB slots to play your favourite melodies.
    • HANDSFREE AUDIO: Don’t feel lazy to answer your calls amidst a wild party. The handsfree audio feature comes hand in hand enabling you to answer your calls so that even emergencies aren’t missed out.
    • FM MODE: Stream into your favourite Radio stations, never miss out your favourite RJ’s shows. Do you like listening to FM in your car and your stereo system in car is not up to your expectations, this speaker can work as a moving FM.
    • RUGGED DESIGN: The Rugged design prevents from slips due to its good grips. The scratches are nowhere as the speakers portray a fabricable finish